Police Dept building

About the University of Virginia Police Department

The University Police Department is an internationally accredited professional police department providing the same level of service offered by a municipal police department, as well as other services unique to an academic institution. The department is responsible for the well being of everyone at the University, 24 hours a day. The average daily population served is 47,000 including students, faculty, staff, and visitors. The department works closely with administrators, students, faculty and staff to create and maintain a secure atmosphere. Its statutory arrest jurisdiction includes the property of the University as well as streets and sidewalks adjacent to the property. In addition, it participates in a mutual aid agreement with other local departments and a cooperative patrol agreement with the City of Charlottesville, which gives University officers jurisdiction in much of the city area surrounding the University. The mutual aid agreements do not apply to the investigation of most criminal cases. University officers are also assigned to local multi-jurisdiction drug task forces. University of Virginia Police work closely with Charlottesville, Albemarle, and State Police, and in cases with possible federal effect, work with the F.B.I, the D.E.A, and the Secret Service. Virginia Code also allows the Department to provide or request assistance from other Virginia college police departments.

The University of Virginia uses email, sirens, text messaging, and other means to notify students, faculty and visitors of confirmed significant or dangerous situations involving an immediate threat to the health and safety of students or staff unless issuing a notification will compromise efforts to contain the emergency.

The U.Va. Police Department consists of over 130 employees including sworn Police Officers certified by the Commonwealth of Virginia, Security Officers, and Administrative Personnel. Patrols of the Grounds and Health System are done by foot, vehicles, bicycles, motor scooters, and motorcycles.

The University, as with any other public or private entity, cannot assure or guarantee a crime free living or working environment. Accordingly, it is the responsibility of members of the University community to act in a security conscious manner and to avoid actions which jeopardize their security as well as the security of others. Members of the faculty, staff, and student body should report all crimes, hazards, emergencies, or dangerous situations to the Police Department.

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