Crime Prevention

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Educational Seminars

Educational seminars are available to both students and staff members of the University. While most programs are presented at the request of the individual or organization, there are certain programs scheduled in advance by the police department that are open to the community. Seminars are available on the following safety and security topics: General safety and security, alcohol awareness, illegal drugs, hazing, sexual assault prevention, and self defense.

Rape Aggression Defense Classes

University of Virginia Police Officers instruct classes in self-defense not only for female students, faculty, and staff, but for females in the community. The program deals with escapes, physical attacks, personal awareness,risk avoidance, community assistance, and procedures for prosecution. The class is four weeks long with one 3 hr class per week. Instructors use the Rape Aggression Defense (R.A.D.) System to teach self-defense. 

Security Surveys

This program consists of crime prevention officers performing evaluations of buildings or areas and providing recommendations for the improvement of security in those locations. These surveys are provided on request.


For more information regarding any of these resources, please contact Officer Rexrode at