Bicycle and Moped Laws


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In Virginia, your bicycle is a vehicle and you are its driver. You share the rights and duties with all other drivers as you use the State’s roadway network. Follow the road rules by riding on the right side of the road, going with the flow of traffic. Obey all traffic controls-like stop signs, traffic lights and one-way signs. Signal whenever you intend to turn, merge to another road position, or stop. Yield the right-of-way whenever you enter the road or when you change lanes or road position. Use a good set of lights and reflectors whenever you ride after dark. Never ride your bike on sidewalks, and always treat pedestrians with respect.

Watch for motorist errors. Drivers often do things that endanger bicyclists, usually without intending to. Knowing what to look for can help you navigate through traffic more safely. Ride predictably and in a visible location. Keep your eyes open for the following mistakes and be ready to take evasive action:

• Motorists coming toward you that might turn left. Pay particular attention to their road position and, of course, any turn signals.

• Keep an eye on the motorists coming up on your left who might turn right. Listen for hints that the car might be slowing down.

• Watch for movement that could indicate a car is coming out of a driveway or side street.

Ride defensively. Anticipate other people’s moves- and their likely mistakes. Keep your eyes moving over the traffic scene and establish eye contact with drivers around you to let them know you are there. Shout if necessary.

Wear a helmet. If you don’t already have one, get a bicycle helmet today! If you have one, wear it every time you ride.

Additional bicycle safety information can be found at the link below: