Community Alert October 1, 2015

Date & Time of Incident: 
September 24, 2015 12:00 am
Report Type: 
Reported Offense Summary: 

To the University Community:

The Charlottesville Police Department received a report of an incident that occurred on 09/24/2015 involving an unknown substance that was put in a drink consumed by a female student at a restaurant/bar in the 1500 block of University Avenue (commonly known as the Corner area). The victim reported becoming disoriented and physically ill from the unknown substance but was not physically injured or assaulted during this incident. 

The victim was seen at the University of Virginia Hospital and underwent a toxicology screening. This toxicology test came back positive for a controlled substance.

This information is being released in accordance with the federal Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act. The Clery Act requires all colleges and universities that participate in federal financial aid programs to keep and disclose information about crime on and near their respective campuses, including timely warnings of crimes that may represent a serious or ongoing threat to the safety of students or employees.

The University of Virginia Police Department reminds all community members of the following information about alcohol and drugs.  Note that this information is general in nature and does not necessarily relate to any specific incident.

The following suggestions may help reduce the possibility of experiencing a crime, or may improve opportunities to receive prompt assistance:


  • Never leave your drink (whether alcoholic or not) unattended. 
  • Be wary of accepting drinks from people you do not know well.  To be even more careful, make sure you open and pour your own drink.
  • Don't share drinks with others.
  • Drugs that could potentially be mixed with drinks may dissolve quickly and may not have any distinct look, taste, or smell. Don't turn your back on your beverage.
  • Alcohol remains the number one date rape drug.  Other predatory drugs (roofies and GHB) can make you feel drunk within 20-30 minutes, and can cause dizziness, unconsciousness, and amnesia for three to eight hours following consumption.
  • Go to and leave a party with your friends.  Never leave with someone you just met; you can always plan to meet again when you are both sober.
  • If you or a friend feel extremely drunk after drinking a small amount (of anything), you may have been drugged. Get help immediately by calling 911!

Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Hogan approved distribution of this message.