Bicycle/Scooter Registration Form

trek bicycle

UVA Police offers online bicycle and scooter registration to students, faculty, and staff of the University. A UVA Police decal will be sent to you via mail to be placed on your bicycle/scooter for further identification and deterrence. If your bicycle/scooter is stolen or lost, we will have all the necessary information for a police report and enter in NCIC & VCIN computer systems. If another police department finds the bicycle/scooter anywhere in the USA we will be notified.

Registering your bicycle/scooter is not an insurance policy. It is a tool used to assist in recovering a stolen or lost bicycle/scooter. This file remains on record for 5 years even if you are no longer affiliated with UVA.

Use the picture to assist in locating the bicycle's serial number, and the placement of the police decal. If you have any questions, please call our Crime Prevention division at (434) 243-1731.

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