Chris Easton
Support Services Bureau Captain Christopher Easton 434-924-7166 Email


The Support Services Captain oversees all support services for the operation of the department.  Those services include professional standards, records, property and evidence, quartermaster and fleet, special events, information technology, and the monitoring station.

C Acord
Special Events Sergeant Casey Acord (434) 924-7166 Email


The Special Events Sergeant plans and coordinates all safety/security elements for events at the UVA such as athletics events, concerts, and other large-scale type events. To request an officer to staff your event, contact the Special Events Sgt. at [email protected] or 434-924-7166

Michael Henry
Property and Evidence Sergeant Michael Henry (434) 924-7166 Email


The Property and Evidence Sergeant is responsible for the collection, handling, and proper storage of all evidence and property taken by the UVA Police Department.  They are also responsible for maintaining and training our team of evidence technicians who work as patrol officers. 

Ben Rexrode
Crime Prevention/ Community Policing Sergeant, Victim/ Witness Assistance Program Sergeant Ben Rexrode (434) 924-7166 Email


The Crime Prevention and Community Policing Unit strives to build trust and relationships between the police department and the community through many different types of events designed to facilitate dialogue and education.