Field Services Bureau

Bryant Hall
Field Services Captain Bryant Hall 434-924-7166 Email


The Field Services Captain is responsible for administering and coordinating 24 hour police service from uniform patrol, investigations and crime prevention. 

Cody Oliver
Midnight Shift Patrol Lt. Cody Oliver (434) 924-7166 Email


The night shift Patrol Lt. is responsible for overseeing all night shift patrol operations, case management, accountability, and night shift patrol Sergeants.

Ben Rexrode
Crime Prevention/ Community Policing Sergeant, Victim/ Witness Assistance Program Sergeant Ben Rexrode (434) 924-7166 Email


The Crime Prevention and Community Policing Unit strives to build trust and relationships between the police department and the community through many different types of events designed to facilitate dialogue and education.  

Dan Stuart
Investigations Sergeant Dan Stuart (434) 924-7166 Email


The Investigations Sergeant oversees our team of Investigators and their case management.  UPD investigators are specially trained to investigate crimes against persons, property crimes, as well as white collar crimes.  They also work closely with the University’s Threat Assessment team as well as the University’s Title IX office assisting with their respective investigative work.