Mission, Values, and Vision


The University of Virginia Police Department ensures public safety by protecting
life, property, and rights through education, community policing, and impartial
enforcement of law.


Leadership – Each member of the organization is responsible for establishing the
direction of the department and communicating the vision at every level of the
organization. We are entrusted with caring for the spirit of the organization.

Service – Each employee enhances the quality of life within our community and
our department through dedicated service.

Integrity – Our value as public safety employees depends on the respect and
confidence we earn from the community and each other. The integrity of each
individual, as well as the organization, is necessary for citizens to give us their
trust. Without this trust, we cannot expect a partnership with the community.

Excellence – We meet challenges and adversity with perseverance to attain
individual and organizational goals.

Fairness – Fundamental to the delivery of professional police and security service
is the fair and equitable treatment of all individuals. Whether citizen or employee,
everyone must be treated with dignity and respect.

Teamwork – Essential to the successful operation of the department, the team
must include all employees working in partnership with each other and the
community to attain our goals.

Responsibility – Each of us has personal responsibility for the success of our
community. We respect, care about, trust, and support each other. We respect and
encourage individual responsibility, while recognizing that we have a right and an
obligation to participate in leading our community. 


United in the spirit of teamwork, the University of Virginia Police Department is
committed to a safe and secure community – enhancing the quality of life through
community engagement, professional development, and effective deployment of
resources and technology.


Honored to Serve